July 1, 2020

We need no nets, we need a neat solution

Thousands of plastic nets spread from the Lammermarkt all the way to the open sea. Plastic Spotters call for a plastic-free alternative to replace the turf in Leidsch Dagblad.

Last June another article in Leidsch Dagblad about the plastic nets on the Lammermarkt. Due to the persistent drought, the grass turned yellow and the thick package of plastic in the soil lost cohesion. The result: a few thousand square meters with countless loose plastic reinforcement nets. This is on top of the thousands of nets escaping previously. It became clear at the end of December last year that large volumes were involved when 16 volunteers collected 20,000 nets in just 90 minutes.

The turf is now green again thanks to the long awaited rain, but that does not solve the problem at all. The contractor who has to clean up everything is unsuccessful, which is perfectly understandable. After every attempt to clear the turf of plastic pollution, a new batch of the little nets emerges from the soil. We see only one remedy: remove the top layer, including the millions of plastic nets and replace it with an natural alternative. That would cost a total of 250,000 euros, which is half a percent of the construction costs of the parking space underneath the Lammermarkt.

Plastic nets are found during every canoeing session, all the way to Katwijk and in the direction of Voorschoten. We add our observations on this map.

Picture: Hielco Kuipers