Litter fishing

The crystal clear waters of the Leiden canals contain an abundance of wildlife due to correct water management. However, there are also places which are littered with plastics and other man made materials. That’s why we’ll be on the water again with our fleet of canoes!

Almost every Sunday at 11 AM - 3 PM we go litter fishing. All the materials will be provided by the team, including very stable canoes. We only have 10 spots available each session so you need to sign-up quickly. Of course, if you have your own canoe, kayak or sup board you are more than welcome to join! Also, we can always use a hand from the canal side to remove plastics between the side and parked boats. So if you are not eager to go canoeing, you can still participate!

Sign-up via or send us an e-mail via

What should we do with the litter?

Every session we collect multiple bags filled with litter. From now on, we will collect data on the litter we find, so we can improve measures to prevent the litter ending up in the canals. We will become litter researchers!

No costs
Participating is free, we’re more than grateful for your efforts! Of course, donations for the canoe fleet are very welcome. Currently, this is possible here.

Further info

  • Make sure to put on old clothes!
  • Also, be aware your personal belongings can get wet, so bring a plastic bag to keep any stuff dry
  • Take something to drink and eat with you
  • With sunny weather please wear protective sun cream
  • Your welcome to join with your own canoe or sup-board!
  • We bring bags, pickers, gloves, etcetera

Especially on nice, sunny days it can be busy on the water with all kinds of small, motorised boats. It’s a friendly, slow going happening. We have priority in our canoes, but never enforce it. We are in no hurry and just wait where necessary.